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Editing a Book


Following steps should be followed while editing a book:-

  1. First the Book should be scanned.
    • It is recommended to scan the book chapter wise, means every chapter should be scanned and saved in a separate file though it is not mandatory. Entire book can also be scanned as a single file and subsequently it can be divided into multiple files according to chapters.
    • Text in the book should be scanned through OCR and saved in html format.
    • Sanskrit text should not be scanned because OCR does not recognise Sanskrit language, instead it should be manually typed using Baraha IME software.
    • Scanned images should be kept in a separate Image folder.
  1. After scanning the book editing procedure begins which comprises following steps.
    • If the Book has been scanned as a single file, then it should be divided into multiple files according to chapters in the book. While doing this the original content of the Book can also be followed.
    • Then each file which corresponds to a particular chapter should be renamed and while renaming these files following rules must be followed :-

o       It is recommended to change the name of the file to the chapter name to which it corresponds, but this name must be preceded by a hyphen, a number and an underscore.

For example :    -02_Law of life.htm

In the above example “Law of life” is the chapter name.
*Numbers 00 and 01 are reserved for Content and Pre Content files. The Content file contains the Content of the book and the Pre Content file contains the images of Cover page, Acknowledgement, Back page etc.
For that reason in the above example, numbering has been started from 02.

§         After renaming files each file should be opened in Microsoft FrontPage or any html editor for editing, which involves following procedures :-

o       Any blank spaces before or after paragraph