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Auroboutique, is a Unit of Sri Aurobindo Udyog Trust. Auroboutique was started by the Mother on 12.05.1969. After the demise of the person who looked after Auroboutique, it was closed. Then Auroboutique was restarted on 15th January 2006, with the intention to sell Sri Aurobindo Hand made products and other Ashram products in the city.

At Auroboutique, variety of elite and high quality Sri Aurobindo Ashram made products are available like Handmade Paper products, Incense sticks, Candles, Perfumes and Essential oils. Eco-friendly Hand Made Paper Products like Craft Kits, Origami Kits, Photo Frames, Albums, Notebooks, Gift Boxes, Gift Bags, Organizer Box, Folders, Drawing Books, Gift Wrap Papers and Lampshades. Beautiful Marbling on these stationery items live up to the rich and discerning tastes of the customers. The natural beauty and uniqueness is preserved to produce each item as a masterpiece.

The Auroshikha Agarbathies and Cottage Incense sticks have a captivating, exquisite and enchanting fragrance with green notes and rich and floral undertones that are subtle and memorable. Candles in bright colors and charmingly shaped into mushrooms, stars and roses have a range of fragrances — rose, lavender, sandal and jasmine. The highlight of these candles, are the dried flower candles. The Perfumes with their enticing aromas and essences and Essential oils with their heady, soothing, and antiseptic properties are just the right gifts as well as perfect for personal use.

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